The High Holidays at Park

The High Holidays at Park Synagogue

Ticket Information

During the High Holidays, no one (over 18) will be admitted into Park Synagogue MAIN without a ticket. Please present your ticket to the greeters at each of the entrance doors. 

Your ticket indicates where your seat is. Reserved* tickets are for the seats "under the dome" in the main sanctuary; Rosenthal Ballroom tickets are for the seats set up in the ballroom adjacent to the main sanctuary; and Kangesser Hall tickets are for any seat in Kangesser Hall. Young Adult Member tickets allow "YAMs" to sit with their family.

*Seats for those with Reserved tickets will be held until 10:45 am both mornings of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and until 7:15 pm Kol Nidre evening. After these times, seating is open. There is NO reserved seating for the Rosh Hashanah evening service on Friday, Sept. 26 or the Yom Kippur Mincha/Neilah service on Saturday evening, October 4th.

Throughout the Holidays, please sit in your designated area. Our rabbis and choirs rotate between the two locations. If you stay put, you'll see and hear everyone.

If you would like to exchange your ticket for another seating area, or have general questions about your ticket, please call Mary Lauriel at (216) 371-2244, ext. 135.

Parking Information

With your tickets, you received a parking pass that allows you to park in one of four parking areas: Park Synagogue Main, Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church, Severance Town Center, or The Civic. Please post your pass on your dashboard.

There is complimentary shuttle bus service to/from Park Synagogue Main and the Severance and Civic parking areas. Please note: for the Erev Rosh Hashanah service (9/24 @ 7:45 pm) and the Yom Kippur Mincha/Neilah service (10/4 @ 4:35 pm) all parking is at Park Synagogue Main. There are no shuttle buses to transport you to other parking lots.

There are parking spaces along the East side of Park Synagogue Main (by the tent) reserved for those with Ohio-issued Handicapped Parking Permits. Park Synagogue does not issue a separate handicapped parking pass.

Childcare and Drop-in Activities Information
Although children are always welcome to join their families to worship in the congregational services, we have several programs and activities for children age 2 through 12.

Childcare is available for children age 2 through Kindergarten for three services: both Rosh Hashanah morning services (9/25 & 9/26) and the Yom Kippur (10/4) morning service.

The childcare area is located on the first floor in the school wing and is open beginning at 9:30 am on Rosh Hashanah through the end of the adult service, and 10:00 am on Yom Kippur to the afternoon break in the service. The cost is $10/child per day with a maximum of $20/family per day. Pre-registration is mandatory and due by Friday, September 19. Download the childcare form here. We have no provisions for changing diapers, therefore, parents are "on call" for diaper changing. If your child requires special care or cannot be managed in a group setting, please do not register your child for this program. For more information, please call Debra Sterling at (216) 831-8895.

Complimentary drop-in activities are available for children in grades 1-3 on the second floor of the school wing for three services: both Rosh Hashanah morning services (9/25 & 9/26) and the Yom Kippur (10/4) morning service. The program is open from 10:45 am to the end of the adult service on Rosh Hashanah mornings and from 9:45 am until 12:00 noon on Yom Kippur. No pre-registration is necessary.

Complimentary drop-in activities are available for children in grades 4-6 in the library for two services: Rosh Hashanah morning service (9/25) from 10:45 am to the end of the adult service, and on Yom Kippur (10/4) 10:00 am until 12:00 noon. No pre-registration is necessary.

We also have several services just for families. Please see the Schedule of Services.

What You Need

Tickets. You must have a ticket to enter Park Synagogue Main. Please have your ticket every day for every service.
Mahzorim. You must bring your own High Holiday prayer book, The New Mahzor. Each member has been provided one copy. If you need an additional copy, it is available for purchase for $30.00 prior to the Holidays. See the dates and times at the right for pick-up and purchase locations. There are no extra copies available during services. Please put your name and phone number inside your book.
Tallit & Kippah. Remember to bring your own tallit and kippah (yarmulka) to services. 
Please put your name and phone number inside your tallit bag.

Schedule of Services - Click here for the full listing

Service locations (click above for the full listing of service types and times)
Erev Rosh Hashanah 9/24
Evening service - Park Synagogue MAIN

Rosh Hashanah 9/25
Morning Service - Park Synagogue MAIN
Evening Services - Park Synagogue EAST

Rosh Hashanah 9/26
Morning Service - Park Synagogue MAIN
Evening Service - Park Synagogue EAST

Erev Yom Kippur 10/3
Evening Service - Park Synagogue MAIN

Yom Kippur 10/4
Morning Service & Yizkor - Park Synagogue MAIN
Mincha/Neilah Services - Park Synagogue MAIN

Park Synagogue Main
3300 Mayfield Rd.
Cleveland Heights 

Park Synagogue East
27500 Shaker Blvd.
Pepper Pike 

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