Under Mendelsohn's Dome

UNDER MENDELSOHN'S DOME: Visions of Park Synagogue

Watch how our mezuzot were made here

Park Mezuzah

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We commissioned local artists, Matthew Hollern and Pamela Argenteri, to create a pewter mezuzah based on the three symbols Eric Mendelsohn used throughout our beloved Park Synagogue Main.

The Crown: “There are three crowns that a person can strive to attain: the crown of learning, the crown of the priesthood, and the crown of royalty; but a crown of good name exceeds them all.” – Pirke Avot.  In Judaism, the most important quality is having a good name or reputation. To attain this, Jews perform mitzvot or good deeds to help all people.

The Tablets: Mendelsohn used a stylized version of the Hebrew letter “shin” instead of writing out the commandments or numbering them in Hebrew. He decided on shin since it is the first letter in three significant Hebrew words: Shalom, Shema, and Shaddai, an ancient Hebrew word for God.

The Hands: This is the sign of the priestly blessing. In Biblical days, Rabbis were called priests. They blessed people with their hands in this position.  

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this weekend possible!
Adele Sheftel
Adrienne Goldberg
Andrew Vichosky
Andy Berman
Barry Lowe
Bart Simon
Becky Long
Bernie Agin
Beverly Davis
Bluie Greenberg
Cheryl Cohn
Clifford Wolf
Diane Schnall
Elinor Polster
Ellen Miller
Ellen Young
Eric Kogelschatz
Estelle Bonchek
Hallie Bram Kogelschatz
Hersch Koblenz
Ieda Warshay
Jared Schnall
Joan Barzilai
Joan Wittenberg
Joe Arnoff
Jordan Wexler
Jud Kline
Judy Becker
Judy Willensky
Kandis Schreiber
Karen Wine
Ken Goldberg
Ken Vinocur
Kurt Bloch
Linda Novick
Marvin Warshay
Maxine Koblenz
Michael Weil
Myrna Arlen Bloch
Norm Bresky
Phil Goldberg
Phyllis Evey
Richard Brooks
Roger Kramer
Ruth Baker
Sandy Agin
Sharon Eichenbaum
Sheila Arnoff Hirsch
Steve Willensky
Steve Young
Sue Berman
Sydelle Zinn
Terri Kline
Val Levinsohn

What a wonderful two-day event celebrating Park Synagogue Main and its architect, Eric Mendelsohn! 

With the help of so many throughout the community, we were able to showcase Park Synagogue at its best! A special thank you to these people and organizations for donating services and/or goods:

David Kaufman, Hy-Ko Products

Sean Martin, Jewish Archives of the Western Reserve Historical Society

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland Museum of Art

Click on any image below to view it larger. 

Thank you to our event chairs and committee:

Susan Berman and Terri Kline, Co-chairs

Judy Willensky, Vice President of Special Events

Myrna Arlen Bloch and Joan Wittenberg, Brunch Co-chairs

Ellen Landau and Michael Weil, Exhibit Co-chairs

Roger Kramer, Intergenerational Activities Chair

Joe Arnoff and Estelle Bonchek, Product Sales Co-chairs

Ken Goldberg and Karen Wine, Tour Co-chairs

Sandy & Bernie Agin, Joe Arnoff, Mitchell Balk, Andrew Berman, Barbara & Bob Brenner, Linda Friedman, Larry Goldberg, Sheila Arnoff Hirsch, Simone Jowell, Judy & David Kaufman, Jud Kline, Maxine & Hersch Koblenz, Hallie Bram Kogelschatz & Eric Kogelschatz, Donna Levine, Karen Levinsky, Valerie Levinsohn, Rebecca Cohen Long, Susi Meisel, Harriet Morris, Peta Moskowitz, Dan Polster, Elinor Polster, Andy Randall, Peter Rzepka, Kandis Schreiber, Joe Shafran, Rhoda & Shia Shapiro, Charna Sherman, Bart Simon, Bev & Sanford Weinberg, Steve Willensky, and Ellen & Steve Young

 If you missed the screening of Duki Dror's "Incessant Visions," you may order a copy of the DVD or even watch it online here.

Weren't able to make the event? Download the self-guided tour brochure here and discover something new about Park Main! 

Thank you to our generous Angels, Patrons and Donors:

Sheila & Mitchell Balk, Megan & Brian Bash, Susan & Andrew Berman, Lois Joan Davis, Harlan Diamond, Adrienne & Phil Goldberg, Cathy & Larry Goldberg, Kitty & Bluie Greenberg, Nancy Wolf & Aric Greenfield, Terri & Stuart Kline, Elaine & Bob Kwait, Janine Martyn & Frederic Levine, Rebecca Cohen Long, Susan & Peter Meisel, Harriet & Mel Morris, Adrianna & Andrew Randall, Audrey & Albert Ratner, Charles & Ilana Horowitz Ratner, Enid & David Rosenberg, Tena Tarler Rosner, Fred Rzepka, Aliki & Peter Rzepka, Eleanor Schwartz, Charna E. Sherman, Lauren & Steve Spilman, Jane Steinman, Cheryl & Robert Stern, Karen & Alan Wine, Linda & Clifford Wolf, Donna Yanowitz, and Ellen & Dan Zelman.

Sandy & Bernie Agin, Norma Barron, Stephany & Jonathan Bass, Nancy & Jaye Benjamin, Laura & Erol Beytas, Myrna Arlen Bloch & Kurt Bloch, Phyllis & Ken Bravo, Lynn & Barry Chesler, Lori & Joe Compton, Roz & Jerry Ellerin, Sharon & Bruce Epstein, Rina & Samuel Frankel, Zeev Friedman, Faith & David Gilbert, Deborah & Joel Glass, Arlene & Norman Golovan, Inga & Rubin Gutarts, Sally & Fred Isenstadt, Beverly & Alan Israel, Mary & Marty Jatlow, Michele Kay, Merle & Robert Kiwi, Marcia & Ernie Kline, Sheryl & Judson Kline, Maxine & Hersch Koblenz, Marian Krieger, Ellen & Howard Landau, Florence & Gerald Lander, Katherine & Jay Leitson, Ilene & Ron Lorig, Audrey & Barry Lowe, Peta & Roland Moskowitz, Loree & Steve Potash, Gloria Resnick, Lois & Douglas Rose, Patty & Eric Rubin, Mina & Jerry Saidel, Diane & Jared Schnall, Shelley Roth & Bruce Schwartz, Joseph Shafran, Nicole & Jason Shefrin, Edith & Sol Sherwin, Anita & Michael Siegal, Marcy Schwartz & Daniel Simon, Barbara & Stephen Somogyi, Doris Sopher, Natalie & Kenneth Vinocur, Meredith & Michael Weil, Lacey Roth & Robert Weiss, Judy & Steven Willensky, Joan Wittenberg, Dara & Alan Yanowitz, Minda Rudnick & Michael Zabell, and Mary Frances Haerr & Kal Zucker.

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