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Bet Tefillah - A Place of Prayer
Park Synagogue provides a full schedule of daily, Shabbat, and Holiday/Festival worship services for all ages. Our religious services combine the sanctity of traditional Conservative worship along with a true warmth and community spirit that encourages equal participation by female and male worshippers of all ages.

Friday Evening Shabbat Services
VIBRANT. . .SPIRITED. . .WELCOMING. Friday Evening Services are held in the uplifting Park Synagogue East Sanctuary. This special 45-minute service includes music and a mixture of traditional and contemporary melodies. The Park Hebrew High School Klezmer Group, made up entirely of students, make regular appearances in the service, as does our Park Volunteer Choir. An Oneg Shabbat follows the service each week, with a special "Hot and Hearty" Oneg being served the first week of most months.

Shabbat Morning Services
ENGAGING. . .MEANINGFUL. . .PARTICIPATORY. Shabbat Morning Services are held in the beautiful Main Sanctuary of Park Synagogue Main. Members of all ages enjoy worshipping together and helping celebrate the many occasions that regularly take place during services – Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday Shabbat, Anniversary Shabbat, baby namings, and auf rufs. Congregants read Torah and help welcome newcomers to our community. Whether through sermons or Torah Study, the service will often include interactive dialogue and discussion lead by Rabbi Skoff. Our popular Youth Service meets from 10:45 a.m. to Noon, and includes prayers, songs, and learning for children age 7-13 and their families. Children of all ages are always welcome and are encouraged to stay with their parents in our Main Sanctuary Service. For younger children, our Shabbat Club provides an interactive and fun Shabbat experience for toddlers through 1st graders from 9:45 am to Noon each week. Children engage in child-centered tefillah, singing, dramatic play and other fun Shabbat activities. There is a special kid-friendly Kiddush in Shabbat Club. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to the Main Sanctuary, or to Shabbat Club. If in Shabbat Club, children will be escorted to the Sanctuary to meet their parents for "Ein Keloheynu."

Mincha/Maariv/Havdalah Services
The end of Shabbat is marked by the Mincha/Maariv/Havdalah Service held early evening at Park Synagogue Main in Miller Chapel. During the winter months, a Seudah Shlisheet (the third meal of Shabbat – a light supper) is added to the service. All members are invited to attend this service – children especially enjoy taking part in Havdalah, which brings Shabbat to a close.

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