Mysticism of the Mikvah

Join Park’s Women’s Rosh Chodesh Group for

The Mysticism of the Mikvah:

Thursday, June 14 • 7:30 pm  
Charlotte Goldberg Community Mikvah (on the grounds of Park Synagogue Main)
3300 Mayfield Rd., Cleveland Heights

Jewish women and men have used the mikvah since biblical times for ritual purification, and for many years Conservative and Reform Jews came to the mikvah mainly for conversion purposes.  Boy, have times changed! 

Come see the beautiful Charlotte Goldberg Community Mikvah and learn from Lee Apple, Mina Saidel, and Karen Wine, the Park “Mikvah Ladies,” about the resurgence of popularity of this ancient ritual and the unique reasons Jews are visiting the mikvah today.  Enjoy hearing from Gayle Horwitz Besser about her wonderful experience at the mikvah before her wedding last year. 

Limited seats available – make your reservation early! RSVP by June 7th!

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